Vote for Playmate of the Year 2012!

It’s that time of the year again! Who is your vote for Playboy’s Playmate of the Year for 2012? The year of 2011 was a loaded field of beautiful Playmates once again, so visit and cast your vote!

Here’s a little preview:

Miss January, Anna Sophia Berglund

Miss February, Kylie Johnson

Miss March, Ashley Mattingly

Miss April, Jaclyn Swedberg

Miss May, Sasha Bonilova

Miss June, Mei-Ling Lam

Miss July, Jessa Hinton

Miss August, Iryna Ivanova

Miss September, Tiffany Toth

Miss October, Amanda Cerny

Miss November, Ciara Price

Miss December, Rainy Day Jordan


Brett Rossi, Cyber Girl of the Week, December 12, 2011

The sexy and alluring Brett Rossi takes a dip in the pool as the Cyber Girl of the Week. And fresh off her being named Miss Howard TV for December 2011, I’m sure we’ll get to see much more of Brett around.

Make sure you follow Brett on Twitter @TheBrettRossi and watch out for her website,, coming soon!

Photography by Joel Flora

Brett Rossi

Hometown Temecula, California
Birthday May 21, 1989
Height 5’8″
Weight 120 lbs.
Measurements 32DD-25-34

From the Playboy Cyber Club:

Fresh off her Miss Howard TV December 2011 win, Brett has little trouble attracting a quality guy with her flirtatious nature and confidence. But one of the worst first dates she’s found herself on was with a celebrity. “That was my first mistake,” she says. “All he could do was talk about himself. He ordered a bunch of food off of the menu, had a few bites and wasted the rest. Ew!” Brett has always had a natural desire to pose in front of the camera, since modeling runs in her family. “My grandma was a Pepsi model. Right now I’m doing everything I’ve ever dreamed of. When I retire from modeling, I’m going to move towards directing and producing.”

Dani Dior, Cyber Girl of the Week, December 5, 2011

To start December off the right way, the sexy and stylish Dani Dior takes us to the outdoors to enjoy the beauty! And the scenery doesn’t look bad either!

Photography by James Trevenen

Dani Dior

Hometown Cleveland, Ohio
Birthday February 18, 1986
Height 5’5″
Weight 120 lbs.
Measurements 34C-23-34

From the Playboy Cyber Club:

While obtaining a pediatric nursing degree is first on Dani’s resolution list for 2012, she’s also outlining more personal goals. “I’m an only child and I can’t wait until I start my own family,” she says. “My ideal man possesses confidence, intelligence and personality.” Having a few hobbies in common with adventurous Dani can’t hurt, either. “I enjoy being outdoors—power walking, bicycling, sledding and picnics. And I always find time to recycle!”

What Is Sexy?

Sexy is what sexy does.

Intelligence is sexy. Multi-lingual girls are sexy.

Multi-cultured girls are sexy. Cultured girls are sexy too.

A sexy voice can send shiver down your spine. The sound of a woman in high heels walking down a hallway is one of the sexiest sounds ever.

A girl who can tell me who the starting center was for the L.A. Lakers in game 6 of the 1980 NBA Finals is very sexy.

A girl who can play the drums is sexy. A girl who can DJ is just as sexy.

Beyoncé is sexy. So is Adele.

Uniqueness is sexy. Individuality is uniquely sexy.

A 5’11” supermodel is sexy. A 4’11” Playboy model is SO much sexier!

Natural beauty is sexy. Voluptuousness is super sexy.

Strength is sexy. A woman with muscles is sexy.

A sense of humor is sexy. Funny women are sexy.

Mothers are sexy. Women with curves are sexy.

A strong, confident woman is sexy. A strong, confident older woman is even sexier.

Sexy is timeless. No matter the era, their sexy is our sexy. Sexy is ageless. Ageless is sexy.

Classic beauty is sexy.

Most sexy women are beautiful. Most beautiful women are sexy, although not all beautiful women are sexy. Some sexy women wouldn’t necessarily be the definition of a real beauty, but they don’t care and that is sexy!

Sexy is sexy! So, what is sexy to you?

Eliza Carson, Cyber Girl of the Week, November 28, 2011

I’m sure Eliza doesn’t need to pull out her negotiating skills to sell you on the idea of checking out her Cyber Girl pictorial. She gets the animal side of her out and on the bed. She’s been a Playboy vet, being featured in a few Special Editions like Sexy Summer Girls and Wet & Wild.

Photography by Stephen Wayda

Eliza Carson

Hometown Daytona Beach, Florida
Birthday March 11, 1990
Height 5’11”
Weight 130 lbs.
Measurements 34D-25-36

From the Playboy Cyber Club:

Currently finishing her degree in marketing and working toward a career in sales, Eliza is confident she will always be closing. “I can sell ice to an Eskimo,” she says. When she’s had enough of negotiating, Eliza lets loose by going offshore fishing. “It’s my favorite sport,” she says. “Not only is catching those big fish a rush, but it’s also a great form of relaxation being out in the beautiful open water.”

Why I Pose…Logann Bovard

The gorgeous Logann comes to us from around my neck of the woods in the lovely San Francisco Bay Area. She went to a Playboy Casting Call in L.A. just over a year ago, and the rest, as they say, is history. She has been featured in Playboy’s Busty Babes and was a Cyber Girl of the Week in November 2010. Logann shares with us why she chose to pose and a bit of her experiences with Playboy.

Logann Bovard

I chose to pose for Playboy because I love who I am on the inside, and I’m very comfortable with my body and nudity. Life is risky, even when you think you’re doing everything right, sometimes you still fail, so I would rather fail at doing something I want to do for me than to succeed at what the majority of society thinks is acceptable. I have always wanted to pose for Playboy. I think to grace the pages with all the other gorgeous models is an honor.

I like that you asked why I chose to pose. There are those who make assumptions about why girls pose nude and the majority is way off base. They base those ASSUMPTIONS off their own insecurity rather than ask us. I grew up with a lot of love and respect from the male figures in my life (dad, grandfather, step-father, and uncles). I was very blessed to have all of them. I did not pose nude for male attention or approval. I have that. My family is 200% supportive of my decision. My mom was the one who took me to the casting call in L.A. because she knew I wanted this. My mom’s biggest regret was not posing due to what others would think. Today, she has taught me about self-approval and being ME! Not living for others’ approval because no matter what you do you cannot please EVERYONE in life so please yourself first.

Being successful does not mean not making bad decisions or mistakes but how you respond. Besides posing for Playboy, this is something I wanted to do since I saw my first Girls Next Door show. The Girls Next Door showed a different side to this industry, and it was positive. That is why the show was a success. The majority of the girls who pose for Playboy are talented, intelligent, goal driven and kind. Being a Playboy model is a stepping stone. The staff and Mr. Hefner are wonderful and like a big family. I love what Mr. Hefner stands for. He is a genuine, kind man with a good heart. I love his love for animals and how well he treats his girls.

I hope I answered your question. Feel free to ask me more.


Logann Brooke Bovard XOXOXXO

Fave 5: Playboy Covers

Here is my list of my favorite Playboy covers of all time. Personally, I love the older covers, especially from the 1960s and 70s. They are all clean, simple and sexy! I wish we could see them on the newsstands again, but the times have changed.

What are your favorite Playboy covers?

April 1973

July 1964

November 1970

July 1974

February 1967

Playmate Flashback

Here’s a great look back at Playmates, past and present. Personally, being a Playboy fan as well as a graphic designer, I love this video. We get to see a couple of Playmates from each decade, who are set alongside a typeface that goes with their era. It was in a style of the Robert Evans’ doc “The Kid Stays in the Picture” that showcased Brett Morgen‘s innovative look. From the early beauty of Miss December 1959 Ellen Stratton to the sex symbol Miss January 1979 Candy Loving to today’s Miss June 2011 Mei-Ling Lam, Playboy shows that beauty and Playmates are timeless.

Shantal Monique, Cyber Girl of the Week, November 21, 2011

Shantal is certainly that down-to-earth, girl-next-door-type chick from the Southwest. She brings that mix of beauty, sexiness and intelligence with her as the Cyber Girl of the  week.

Photography by Matt Robinson

Shantal Monique

Hometown Tempe, Arizona
Birthday April 2, 1989
Height 5’4″
Weight 120 lbs.
Measurements 32D-25-34

From the Playboy Cyber Club:

“I believe that if I work hard, I can achieve anything no matter how long it takes,” says Shantal. After studying to be a medical lab scientist, she recently switched gears to pursue her dream of being a pediatrician. “I don’t just want to work,” she explains. “I want to be happy and enjoy what I do and the people I help.” With long hours of work and study ahead of her, Shantal still makes time for herself. “Free time to me means no studying, so I take full advantage! If I can’t get a chance to escape on vacation, I’m content at home with beer, popcorn and a movie.”