One lesson that we can learn from Ashley is to always keep smiling, you never know, she might notice! And I know that everyone has noticed Ashley! You can follow our new Cyber Girl on Twitter @MarvelouslyAsh!

Photography by Arny Freytag

Ashley Zeitler

Hometown San Antonio, Texas
Birthday February 17, 1992
Height 5’1″
Weight 98 lbs.
Measurements 32C-23-34

From the Playboy Cyber Club:

“An accent always makes me happy, but what really gets me is a nice smile,” Ashley says. “That’s the first thing I look for on a guy is a nice smile—nothing else matters.” This “sassy” Texas girl says she’s also very particular about making that initial connection. “I honestly don’t want a guy to approach me unless I’ve given them signals,” she says. “If we make eye contact once and I look away and don’t take another glance, don’t even try!”