Maya is an absolute stunner from Florida! She is a close friend of a former ‘Why I Pose’ featurette, April Katherine, and just like April, Maya has taken the Playboy world by storm. She has been featured in Playboy’s All Naturals and was in the incredible College Girls pictorial with fellow beauty, Sarah Pipkin.

Maya is a sweetie and wild chick that loves to show off her natural beauty. I know we’ll see much more of her in Playboy!

Maya was one of the first models that I asked the question, why she chose to pose for Playboy. Much love and thanks to Maya!

Maya Codina

Why did I pose for Playboy? I didn’t dream of doing it at all, I just happened to stumble upon the opportunity.

But, I decided to take them up on the offer to pose because not only do I love to be naked, but I think the female body is a piece of art! I don’t care if men use these picture for other ways than what I would want them to because I can’t control that, ya know? But I pose for Playboy because I think the photos are artistic and there is nothing wrong with bearing it all. The human body is beautiful! Women go topless in other cultures for their whole entire lives and it’s not viewed as pornography or tasteless. It’s their way of life. For me, being nude is a way of life. I sleep naked, I hang out in my room naked, I do so many things in the buff! If I could be naked all day every day for the rest of my life, I definitely would!

I think some women choose to pose because they have low self-esteem or they want to feel pretty and sexy to men and use it to flaunt that, but if that is their reason, they are entitled to that. Playboy is a brand that exposes women in tasteful ways that shows off their beautiful features in the best way possible! Why not appreciate what is beautiful? Did people scrutinize Madonna of the Rocks or Venus for being naked in paintings? Why is sculpture or live nude paintings any different than a picture with a beautiful background? Yes, Playboy has become a little more explicit over the years, but it is still beautiful pictures of the most beautiful women in the world!